Help me with my Tableau assignment or homework?

Tableau is a data visualization software that is widely used in modern business intelligence. The software makes it easier for people to explore, create, manage data and discover insights through data. Data visualization is paramount in data mining especially in the fields of business, epidemiology, and social sciences as it provides a clear idea of what the information means through visuals such as graphs, maps, or images.

Experts at Statistics Heroes provide online affordable assistance in Tableau by visualizing your data in graphs and dashboards which makes it easier to identify trends, patterns, cycles, influential observations, and outliers in your data. Dashboards in Tableau can be categorized into; analytical, operational, and strategic. Through analytical dashboards, our data visualization experts will drill down into our data by analyzing historical data to help you determine trends, identify targets, forecast outcomes and discover new insights.

The operational dashboard in Tableau keeps researchers informed on what is happening now. This type of dashboard changes frequently and is designed to be viewed multiple times throughout the day. Our experts have worked with these dashboards especially for weather and climatic changes such as rainfall, temperature, and humidity. Our experts will also help you with Strategic Dashboards in Tableau to help you track the key performance indicators (KPIs) of your business or project. Our experts can also help you share your dashboards on Tableau Public servers for your colleges and other people to see.

Tableau experts at Statistics Heroes have been visualizing data for students, researchers, and companies for the past decade. Our team of experts is comprised of Masters and Ph.D. holders specializing in Data Analytics, Mathematics, and Statistics. Further, our experts are regularly vetted and their work checked impromptu to ensure delivery of top-notch services to our customers at all times. It is important to note that we not only help with data visualization but also educate you on using Tableau. Stress no more, Statistics Heroes is here to your rescue.