Get Stunning Stata Help from our Heroes

STATA is a user-friendly integrated statistical software that most social scientists, particularly economics, political science and epidemiologists use. Although, unlike most statistical tools, STATA has both a point-and-click user interface and a command line function with easy-to-learn command syntax. Unfortunately, despite being a traditional software advocated for by many, STATA software is not free.

However, this should not worry you at all as Statistics Success Heroes got you covered. Our team of experts are online to offer you superb assistance in relation to STATA. In addition, we help in coursework, homework, assignments, tests and exams that require the use of STATA. Our services are unlimited.

Most importantly, some of the concepts that our gurus will help in STATA include;

  1. Data manipulation in Stata

  2. Data is often manipulated to meet the demands of statisticians and researchers. Such manipulation includes data recoding, row-column transposition and data transformation. Our experts offer first-class data manipulation in STATA.

  3. Statistical power and sample size calculations in Stata

  4. When conducting any research, it is extremely vital to ensure that a representative sample is drawn from the target population. Using statistical power and sample size calculations, our STATA pros will make calculations to help you know the sample size you need in your research based on level of significance, effect size and other metrics so as to ensure you have a high statistical power to address your research question or aim.

  5. Stata Basic statistics

  6. The Alpha geeks at Statistics Success Heroes will perform data summaries, confidence intervals, and cross-tabulations. Further, they establish associations, conduct z and t-tests. Also we offer other tests such as equality of variance , tests of proportion and factor variables .

  7. Contrast and pairwise comparisons in Stata

  8. We will perform balanced and unbalanced, factorial, nested, mixed designs and repeated measures ANOVA/MANOVA analysis with interaction plots and other mean comparison tests in STATA.

  9. Modelling using Stata

  10. Modelling is mainly a forecasting technique that depending on nature of data. Our STATA pros perform and interpret linear, multiple, logistic, least square, lasso, elastic, poison and binomial regressions.

  11. Panel data analysis

  12. Over the years, Statistics Heroes has grown to be the doyen of panel data analysis owing to our Alpha geeks. Using STATA, our professionals will conduct and interpret random and fixed effects models with robust errors, linear mixed models, random-effects probit models, random-and fixed-effects Poisson models, dynamic panel-data models and panel unit-root tests.

  13. Non-parametric methods

  14. Statistics Heroes is the home of statistics mavens. We will help you with non-parametric methods such as Wilcoxon–Mann–Whitney, Wilcoxon signed ranks, Kruskal–Wallis tests, Spearman and Kendall correlations and Kolmogorov–Smirnov tests amongst others in STATA.

  15. Clustering in Stata

  16. Our STATA experts will perform and interpret results pertaining to hierarchical clustering, k-means and k-median non-hierarchical clustering at an affordable rate.

  17. Multivariate methods

  18. We will perform and interpret factor analysis, principal components analysis, discriminant analysis, rotation and multidimensional scaling in STATA.

  19. Time-series analysis

  20. In regard to time series, our STATA experts are knowledgeable in times series models such as ARIMA, ARFIMA, ARCH/GARCH, time series concepts such as stationarity, moving average and unit toot tests among other time series analyses.

  21. Bayesian analysis

  22. Our STATA teams are experts in performing and interpreting univariate and multivariate models, linear and nonlinear models, panel data, multilevel models, continuous univariate, multivariate, and discrete priors, posterior summaries, hypothesis testing, model fit, model comparison and model predictions.

  23. Epidemiology analysis

  24. Our Alpha geeks will compute standardization of rates analysis, case-control analysis, cohort analysis, matched case-control analysis, Odds ratio, prevalence, sensitivity, specificity and predictive values in STATA.