R is a programming language and a statistical software widely used by researchers, students and data miners for statistical data computations such as data analysis. The rise of R to be one of the most preferred programming languages in the modern world lies in its ability to be extended through functions. Unlike other statistical Software, in R one has two formulate a code to execute a task.

Mainly R has 2 interfaces, the command line interface which is referred to as the script and the results interface which is where the results of the code written shows. R libraries contain codes and the packages are available through CRAN urls. The packages facilitate various statistical and graphical techniques such as linear and non-linear modelling, statistical tests, classification and time-series analysis.

Statistics R Help is an online platform with Statistics experts who specializes in R software. They offer assistance in R-assignments, homework, courses, tests and examinations. Our professionals have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree and have undergone training in R and statistics so as to offer outstanding services to our esteemed clients. The team of Statistics R Help experts come from different parts of the globe to ensure around the clock availability.

There are 4 types of R software that our experts will help you with, these are:

  • RUI- This is the normal R in which you write a code and you see the results in the output section.

  • R Studio – This is very similar to R GUI but has 4 interfaces; the code section, output (Console), files, and the R environment section.

  • R Markdown – This is a special feature within R studio that allows users to transform codes and their outputs into either a word, PDF or HTML file. Through R markdown our team of experts will write reproducible word, PDF, HTML and PowerPoint documents. These documents contain the R codes used at each stage as well as their interpretation.

  • R commander – This is a special feature within R that has predefined commands making data analysis easier.

Services available

  1. Data entry and cleaning

    Prior any data analysis, it is important that data be cleaned. Our experts at Statistics R help will help you clean our data by removing outliers, recoding variables correctly, identifying influential observations and removing missing data.

  2. Data analysis

    R is mainly used to analyze quantitative data (numeric). Further, there are parametric and non-parametric tests used for statistical analysis. Parametric tests make assumptions about the population form which the sample was drawn while non-parametric do not. Our professionals will perform descriptive statistics, t-tests, ANOVA, Chi Square, Correlation, regressions, cluster analysis and discriminant analysis amongst others. We also produce visual representation of data such as bar graphs, pie charts, mean plots, boxplots and histograms among others

  3. Interpretation of results

    Interpretation of data is the backbone of data analysis. Irrespective of appropriate data analysis techniques, wrong interpretation of data will threaten conclusion validity whereby you might end up making the wrong conclusion. This is likely to nullify your whole research. To avoid making such a grievous mistake, contact us today.