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Many students are required to draft a convincing research proposal at the end of their degree program. The chances of avoiding a research proposal for Masters and Ph.D. students are also very minimal. A research proposal is a well-crafted document in which the purpose and significance of a project are clearly outlined. It is through a convincing research proposal that one receives funds for their project. Often, a project should be between 7-10 pages. However, different academic institutions have different rules. If you are on this page, you are probably wondering how to go about writing a research proposal. Statistics Heroes experts will write research proposals, projects, dissertations, and thesis for you at an affordable rate. We have experts from all fields. Our level of expertise has been sharpened by the experience we have gathered over the past 10 years.

How to write a good research proposal

A good proposal needs to sufficiently provide information on the “What”, “Who” and the “how” of research. These key aspects give any proposal its structure. The research proposal is always written in future tense since it is an action awaiting implementation. Any dissertation or thesis proposal should include:

  1. Title

    The title of any proposal introduces your research topic. The title should be concise, and precise. This explains the “What” of the research. The topic should be clear on what’s being investigated, who it involves (target population), and where (location).

  2. Background and rationale

    This section contains the background of the research topic, a brief literature review, and the rationale for conducting the research. It is in this section that the research gaps that one seeks to fill are highlighted. Here the “Why” of the research is explored at length.

  3. Research Questions and Hypotheses

    These are non-ambiguous questions that govern a research. An example of a research question is: What is the relationship between employee empathy and customer loyalty? Research hypotheses are usually derived from research questions and are what the researcher hopes to prove. A research hypothesis example: There exists a positive and significant association between employee empathy and customer loyalty.

  4. Research Methodology

    This section discusses the “Who” of the research. Often it’s subdivided into 4 or 5 parts which are:

    • Participants

      What’s will be the target population of the study? What’s will be the study sample size? How was it calculated? Who are the participants of the study? What are their characteristics? These are some of the questions that must be answered to the letter in the participants”

    • Research Approach

      The rationale for the research design to be used is explained in this section. The theoretical framework of the research is discussed at this stage.

    • Research Methods

      This contains information on how the data will be collected, cleaned, and analyzed.

    • Ethical Considerations

      Every research should follow all ethical considerations for the field in which the research is to be conducted. Signing of consent forms, the confidentiality of participants’ information, and approval for conducting the research are discussed in this section.

  5. Schedule and Budget

    This section accounts for the various stages of the research, their timelines, and the budget involved. A visual representation of the timelines is highly recommended.

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