Most students are skeptical about relying on online help due to fraudulent sites. Statistics Heroes is reliable, trustworthy, and professional. We have been helping students with homework, assignments, and exams for the past ten years. Join us today for an unforgettable experience. We are experts in Statistics, Biostatistics, Business Analytics, Calculus, Math, Econometrics, Epidemiology, and Psychology Statistics.

MegaStat is an Excel Add-in that facilitates a wide range of statistical analyses. However, one has to purchase the add-in. After installation, the add-in appears at the Data tab and operates like any other Excel function. The main advantage of having MegaStat is that it makes the most important statistical analyses possible. Some of the services our experts will render using MegaStat include:

    1. Descriptive Statistics

      Descriptive statistics of data include measures of central tendency, dispersion, shape, and frequency. Measures of central tendency include mean, median, and mode. Measures of dispersion include standard deviation, variance, and quartiles. Measures of shape include skewness, kurtosis, and CV. Our Statistics guru will graph and interpret boxplots, dot plots, stem-and-leaf plots, normality plots which aid in describing data. Our MegaStat experts will help you with measures of frequency and frequency plots such as histograms, polygons, and Ogives. It is important to note that qualitative data can also be analyzed in MegaStat to describe frequency distribution. We have all the expertise you need on descriptive statistics.

    2. Probability and Distributions

      Factorial, permutations, and combinations are an integral part of Statistics which our experts will lend a hand. Our MegaStat experts will also solve binomial, hypergeometric, and Poisson distribution problems. Using MegaStat, we will help you with normal distribution, student’s t-distribution, F-distribution, Chi-square distributions, and central limit problems.

    3. Confidence interval and sample size calculations

      Studying a whole population is quite challenging. However, using a sample drawn from the population, you can make inferences about the target population. The sample must be representative in every way which is why sample size calculations are very essential. Our MegaStat gurus will make sampling easy for you. We will also help you with confidence interval calculations for exponential family distributions.

    4. Hypothesis testing

      MegaStat allows users to conduct statistical tests. Our experts will render assistance in t-tests, F tests, chi-square, ANOVAs, correlation, and regression tests among others. Our MegaStat experts will make hypothesis testing a walk in the park. We will interpret and report the results in any academic format you need.

    5. Time-series and forecasting

      Time series data is data collected over a given period. For instance, the height of schoolboys collected each month over the past 5 years. Due to this time factor, time-series data is analyzed differently. Using MegaStat, our experts will analyze and interpret time-series trend-line, deseasonalization, moving average and exponential smoothing.

    6. Non-parametric tests

      Non-parametric tests are quite challenging to learn, conduct, interpret and report. However, with Statistics Heroes experts, you are in safe hands. Statistics Heroes will help with all non-parametric tests. These tests include sign-test, run-test, Mann-Whitney-test, Wilcoxon signed-rank test, Kruskal-Wallis test, Friedman, Kendall coefficient-of-concordance, Spearman’s correlation, and Fisher’s exact test.

    7. Quality control charts

      Quality control plots are visual representations used to understand whether products or processes in a given organization meet their intended stipulations. The most common quality control charts include X-bar and R control charts, U-and-C control charts, and p-and-np charts. However, MegaStat only computes the X-bar and R charts which our MegaStat crew will render outstanding assistance.