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Linear programming (LP) is often a hard nut to crack even for some elites. LP revolves around maximizing and minimizing a linear function subjecting it to given constraints. It is one of the simplest ways of optimization. The technique plays a vital role especially in businesses planning, engineering, and social sciences. However, for many students, linear programming is a mare’s nest especially due to the complications arising when optimizing equations.

The LP Help is a Statistics Heroes helpline assisting students to understand linear programming problems. We also help students describe objectives, define decision variables correctly, identify objective functions, describe and identify constraints decision variables. Decision variables represent the ultimate linear programming solution. To solve any linear programming problem, you must first identify the decision variables. The objective of any linear programming problem depends entirely on the objective function.

The objective function can either be a maximizing or minimizing function. On the other hand, constraints are the limitations of the decision variables. They help one to know how far the decision variables can stretch. Notably, all linear programming problems have a non-negative restriction which means that all the decision variables should be non-negative.

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