Microsoft Excel is one of the oldest and preferred software for data entry, manipulation, analysis and reporting. The tool is important to students, researchers and data miners. More importantly, Microsoft Excel can functions such edit, filter, sort, analyses and report generation. Statistics Heroes offers online assistance in Microsoft excel without discrimination. Furthermore, our professionals are experts in research, Statistics and Data analytics thus offering top-notch services.

Our services in Microsoft Excel include:

  1. Data Entry, transformation, cleaning and storage

  2. Researchers from across the globe prefer Microsoft Excel to enter and store both qualitative and quantitative data. So, at Statistics Heroes, our experts will accurately enter survey data in a spreadsheet. Moreover, we clean data by by imputing missing data and removing outliers.

  3. Microsoft Excel Pivot tables

  4. Pivot tables is a special feature in Microsoft Excel that allows you to summarize data to your preferred needs. For instance, you can use it to compute the mean height in an age group range. However, despite the similarity between Microsoft Excel pivot and contingency tables, the former is quicker in performing descriptive statistics. Clearly, our experts in Microsoft Excel carry out these tasks everyday hence they got your best interests at heart.

  5. Microsoft Excel Data visualization

  6. Graphs are important in summarizing data findings and in data reporting. We visualize data using line and bar graphs, scatterplots, histograms, pie charts, and control charts. Furthermore, others include pivot charts, box and whisker charts. We also interpret the graphs for you at an affordable price.

  7. Microsoft Excel Statistical calculations

  8. Microsoft Excel has over 1000 arithmetic, scientific and finance functions that our experts are knowledgeable in. Some of the most common Excel functions our team has worked with include VLOOKUP, CONCANATE, TRUNC, SEARCH, EDATE, IF, ISBLANK, FV, TYPE etc. Other than these automated functions, our team of experts will also create their own formulas to perform calculations of your specification.

  9. Data Coding and automation

  10. Experts at Statistics Heroes write codes for all and every activity (automated) that you need to perform manually in Excel. These automated activates range from simple to complex.

  11. Microsoft Excel Data analysis

  12. Using Microsoft Excel, our team of experts perform and interpret both descriptive statistics (Measures of central tendency, shape, dispersion and frequency) and inferential (Anova, correlation, covariance, F-test, regression, t-test and Z-test) statistical analysis to get insights out of any data.

  13. Linear programming

  14. Linear programming (LP) is a statistical technique whereby a linear function is minimized or maximized when subjected to various constraints. Notably, LP is very essential for business planning and industrial activities. Using the Microsoft excel Solver, our experts will perform and interpret linear programming homework, assignment, tests and exams questions at an affordable rate.

  15. Time-series analysis in Microsoft Excel

  16. There are mainly 4 types of time series models that our experts will help you in Excel. These include Naïve approach, exponential smoothing, moving average and trend projection. Naïve approach assumes that the next period is equal to the demand of the last period. Moving average uses average data to forecast upcoming periods. Exponential smoothing makes uses of little past data weighted on exponential formula for forecasting while trend projection uses past data history to set points that can be used to create a trend.