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Statistics Heroes is an online platform providing statistics aid to students in high school, colleges and universities and data analysis aid to Bachelor, Masters, PhD and Doctorate students and researchers. The platform has been offering these outstanding services to clients for over 10 years. Initially, Statistics Heroes was only serving clients in the United States, Canada, Asia and United Kingdom. However, with the latest development, Statistics Heroes is now serving clients from across the world.

The aim of Statistics Heroes is to provide statistics aid to all persons with the mission of ensuring that Statistics is made easy. It is as a result of this that the team of professionals at Statistics Heroes have a minimum Bachelors degree in Mathematics and Statistics. The professionals are also thoroughly vetted and their skills tested time and time again to ensure that the services they offer Statistics Heroes’ clients are top notch. A combination of the professionalism characterizing Statistics Heroes, Affordability, Trustworthiness, Top-notch services and the synergy between us and our clients, is what has kept us ahead of our competitors

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Our array of services.

Statistics Heroes offers online assistance in STATISTICS homework, Assignments, Tests, Final Examinations, Statistics Coursework, Research Projects, Dissertations and Thesis. Our team of professionals are prolific in Statistics topics such as statistical theories, probability and distributions, bivariate distributions, central limit theorem, random variables, estimation, hypothesis testing and confidence intervals.

The team is also proficient with most modern data analysis tools such as SPSS, R (R Markdown, R Studio and R commander), Microsoft Excel, Minitab, STATA, StatCrunch, JASP and Jamovi amongst others which makes it possible to serve a wide range of clients. In regard to DATA, Statistics Heroes offers Data Collection, Data Entry, Data Cleaning, Data Organization, Data Analysis, Data Presentation and Data Reporting. We are also up-to-date with most formats such as APA, MLA, Chicago and Havard among others.

Meet Our Lead Experts

Our team qualitative and quantitative analysists, data scientists, operational researchers, and programmers.

Lewis Kingsley

Experienced in advanced statistical analyses such as multiple linear regression, logistic regression, and implementation of machine learning algorithms.

Christine Hamilton

I am expert Statistician and Statistical Data Analyst. I would love to provide my services for the tasks related to field of Statistics and data analysis.

Charles Christopher

An expert Statistician and Statistical Data Analyst, with MPhil in Statistics with strong computational background. I provide services for the tasks related to field of Statistics and data analysis.

Michael Andrew

A certified statistician and research consultant with a deep understanding of statistical methods and its applications. I can handle undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral, and corporate research.